English 2021. TOEIC 4 SKILLS with CEFR Level: «B1». Score: 985 with accredited passing of the 4 modalities. Exam performed under the supervision of the Authorized Center by Capman Testing Solutions. Master's degrees 2015 - 2014. MA WITH ACCESS TO DOCTORATE IN «CREATION OF AUDIOVISUAL SCRIPTS». 60 ECTS. International University of La Rioja (UNIR). Final project: Audiovisual series script for Prime Time. 2014 - 2013. MA IN «DIGITAL ANIMATION: SPECIALIZATION IN POSTPRODUCTION AND 3D ANIMATION FILM». 60 ECTS (Without access to PhD). University of Salamanca. Final project: 3D Animation Short Film. 2012 - 2010. MA IN GRAPHIC DESING: «HIGHER UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA CAREER OF VISUAL ARTS». 120 ETCS (Without access to PhD). (Institute of Visual Arts, Jerez de la Frontera). Validation of studies: 2018 (San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University). Final project: Web Portfolio and corporate identity. Degree 2010 -2004. LICENSED IN "DRAMATIC ART, STAGE DIRECTION SPECIALTY". (ESAD, School of Dramatic Art of Málaga). 2010. Final Degree Project: Direction of "Edward II" by Christopher Marlowe. Theater Production (120 min long). Editing with more than fifteen actors and ten technical collaborators. Professional responsibilities: Direction of actors and Staging; Adaptation and Dramaturgy; Creator of Complete Designs of: Costumes, Scenography, Makeup; and Video editor of the audiovisual montage. Other conducting exercises: "The Maid of Orleans" by Friederich Shiller. Act IV. Year 2009. (50 min); "King Lear" by William Shackespeare. Act I. Scene 4. Year 2008. (15 min); Contemporary adaptation of "La vida es sueño" by Calderón de la Barca. Year 2005. (20 min); "El Baile" by Edgar Neville. Act I. Year 2005. (50 min); among other assemblies. Professional training 2004- 2001. Higher professional course in "Higher Technician in Film, Radio and Show Production" at the I. S. S. Néstor Almendros de Tomares (Seville). Final project: Direction and Production of the play "Chronicles of a Confused Hero". Business internship: Alderman in the play "Miguel de Cervantes, Pasión y Libertad" performed at the Alcázar of Seville by La Tarasca teatro. 2004- 2003. «Training in «Audiovisual Technician». Junta de Andalucía (Seville). Final project: Direction, Script and Production of the Half-length film «La Caja Verde». 2008. Company Courses during the hiring as a Professional Actor taught by ACTA (Association of Performing Arts Companies of Andalusia): «Clown» Professor Chamé (Clown of the Circus of the Sun); "Singing for actors" with Patricia Díaz; "The Actor before the Mask" (Comedy of Art): With Álvaro S. De Medina.
Academic background Doctorate 2021 - 2015. "Doctor in Communication" with an Outstanding qualification Cum Laude. Interuniversity Program of Doctorate in Communication of the University of Seville, University of Malaga, University of Huelva and University of Cadiz (Spain); Communication program winner of the AUIP AWARD FOR THE QUALITY OF THE DOCTORATE IN IBEROAMERICA (11th edition). Research line: Educommunication and Media Literacy. Doctoral thesis: "EDUCATIONAL VALUES AND ANALYSIS OF DISCOURSE IN SPANISH ANIMATED SERIES OF THE EIGHTIES"; Thesis Director: Dr. Víctor Manuel Amar. University of Cadiz (UCA). * In addition to an in-depth analysis of the theoretical framework and practical analysis of all the episodes of the object of study, it includes interviews with the creators of the series and unpublished graphic documentation on the different production processes. 2019 - 2018. Scientific Publications * Book chapter: «A PROPÓSITO DE UNA EXPERIENCIA DE CINE Y EDUCACIÓN. EL CINEFORUM UNIVERSITARIO», pages 203-224. Authors: Víctor Amar; Juan Carlos Peláez; and Oliver Salas. Book: «Communication, Education and Cinema: Reflections and Constructions». Editorial Fi. Porto Alegre (Brazil). (2019). 252 pages. * Magazine article: «IN DELIRIUM... FORMAS DE ENTENDER LA EDUCACIÓN, COMUNICACIÓN Y LA VIDA». Authors: Jerónimo Jorge Cavalcante Silva (University of the State of Bahia, Brazil) and Oliver Salas Herrera (University of Cadiz, Spain). HACHTETEPÉ Magazine, No. II. Year 11. November 2018. Title of the Monograph: «Education and communication in fantasy and fiction worlds». 2018. Presentations at International Congresses: * Presentation on "ROLE OF FEMALE CHARACTERS IN THE SPANISH ANIMATED SERIES OF TVE DURING THE EIGHTIES". Place: I International Conference on Communication and Philosophy. Communication and Social Development (Priego de Córdoba, 2018). * Presentation on "EDUCATION ON ANIMAL RIGHTS IN THE SPANISH ANIMATED SERIES 'MOFLI, EL ÚLTIMO KOALA' (1986)". Place: I International Conference on Communication and Philosophy. Communication and Social Development (Priego de Córdoba, 2018). 2018 - 2016. Certificates of Training Activities and Attendance at Doctoral Conferences: AF1. Certificate in Initiation to doctoral studies (University of Cadiz, 2016). AF2. Cross-disciplinary and transdisciplinary seminar on methodologies applied to research in Communication (University of Seville, 2016; and University of Cádiz, 2018). AF3. Scientific dissemination seminar on impact publications (2016). AF4. Certificate of participation in the IV International Doctoral Conference Trends and innovation in Communication with the poster: "Universal Rights in the animation of the 80s" (University of Málaga, 2016). AF5. Activity «Digital tools for content analysis», Seminar on Current trends in communication research (University of Seville, 2016). AF6. Activity «Tools for research in Audiovisual Communication», Seminar on current trends in communication research (University of Seville, 2016). AF7. Activity «The SPSS program as a research tool», Seminar on current trends in communication research (University of Seville, 2016). AF8. Doctoral Conference on Educommunication. (University of Málaga, 2016). 2019 - 2016. Congress Attendance Certificates: * International Seminar on «The challenges for a socially responsible advertising» (University of Cadiz, 2019). * I International Conference on Communication and Philosophy. Communicracy and Social Development (Priego de Córdoba, 2018). * I International Congress of Popular Culture. (University of Seville, 2018). * IV International Congress Art, Illustration and Visual Culture in Early Childhood and Primary Education: Critical mediation inside and outside the school; virtual assistance (University of the Basque Country and Public University of Navarra, 2017). * I International Conference on Communication and Thinking. Communication and Social Development (University of Seville, 2016). 2009. Outlined Pre-doctoral Certificate: * "Robert Mcke Script Seminar", Hollywood screenwriter and producer. (Málaga Congress Fair, 2009). Prizes and collaborations 2014. 1st Prize in the 1st «Young Creators» Contest held by Atresmedia and the Spanish Television Academy of Sciences and Arts. Prize awarded to the 3D Short Film «Chesster» by Jose María Peña. Functions performed: Co-scriptwriter, direction of dubbing actors and dubbing actor (Narrator's character). Broadcast on national television: Neox. 2013. Prize for Best Production awarded by Luís Bassat to the Spot «Random Effect» at the XVIII Festival «From Class to Account» of the Faculty of Seville. Functions performed: Director of Amateur Actors and collaboration in graphic design. 2008. Málaga Crea Award as 2nd Best Work for "Intruder" (Maurice Maeterlinck) by the Bajotierra company. Performed functions: Main actor in the role of «The grandfather». 2001. National Award for Best Amateur Actor at the IV Ciudad de la Línea National Amateur Theater Competition for Oliver S. H. in the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream 2030" for the role of Puck. Assembly of the La Madriguera Theater Company. Additional professional experiences related to the sector: 2017 - 2014. Reports and photographs of Festivals (NOSINMÚSICA, IMÁGINA FUNK and ALRUMBO); for the Madrileña Magazine emergentes.es. 2013. Direction of Staging and video editing of «Regreso al recreo». Production of the MC Bonaro Circus Association. 2016 - 2012. Occasional Freelance Designer (Corporate designs, logos, web). 2015 - 2014. Presentation of projects to multinational companies. 2013. Direction of Staging and video editing of «Regreso al recreo». Production of the MC Bonaro Circus Association. 2007 - 2008. Video editor and professional actor hired by La Madriguera Teatro for the commercialization of tourist and educational animations in the tourism delegations of the provinces of Cádiz, Huelva and Almería. 2007. Script (Filming Secretary) in the film production "El Libro Talonario" (El Grito Inside Films). 2004. Supporting actor in the movie: «Atún y Chocolate», directed by Pablo Carbonell. 2004. Regidor in the play "Miguel de Cervantes, Pasión y Libertad" performed at the Alcázar de Sevilla by La Tarasca teatro. 2003. Regidor in "The Marriage of Figaro"; produced by La Madriguera teatro. 2007 - 1998. Amateur actor in the following productions of La Madriguera Teatro: «Tírate de la moto» by Álvaro S. de Medina (1999); the musical "Les Miserables" (2000); "Alesio, una comedia de tiempos pasados" by Ignacio García May (2001); "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (2001); Actor in the advertisement «Inmadecor» (2006); "Usted tiene ojos de mujer fatal" by Enrique Jardiel Poncela (2007); etc. Información complementaria * 1998-2019. Hostelery jobs. In possession of the Food Handler's Card. * Driving license.
Present UCA researcher 2022 - 2024. Beneficiary for 3 years of the Margarita Salas grant awarded by the Government of Spain, aimed at training young doctors, with a contract as a researcher (R&D&I) at the University of Cádiz, as stated in the Resolution of the Rector of the University of Cádiz UCA/R2511REC/2021, of November 30th. This contract consists in a 2-year working stay abroad and 1 last working year in Spain: 2022 - 2023. Stay at the IRCAV in Paris, France: 2-year stay at the Institut de Recherche sur le Cinema et l'Audiovisuel (IRCAV) in Paris, France; with the collaboration of Dr. Perrine Boutin, tutor of the stay; and Dr. Emmanuel Siety, director of the center. 2024. Stay at the University of Cadiz: 1-year stay in the Department of Marketing and Communication, directed by Juan José Mier-Teran Franco, and with the collaboration of David Selva Ruiz as tutor of the stay.